Gertrudis Chale

Painter in the Andean World

Years 1934-1954

by Mauricio Neuman

  • Monograph - 219 illustrated, unique works of art.
  • Images courtesy of the many collectors and dealers of her works.
  • Published by Arte al Dia, Miami, Florida and Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • 9.4 x 12.6 inches, 224 pages.
  • Bilingual English / Spanish


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About the author:

Mauricio Neuman is a Buenos Aires psychiatrist, art connaisseur, and award winning art critic. He is an avid collector of Chale's works, and was her friend until her tragic death in a plane crash in 1954.

Dr. Neuman is a member of the International Association of Art Critics, and a member of its Argentine chapter.

Additional writing by Julianne Gilland:

"Gertrudis Chale: Perspective on her life and work" was written after a thorough examination of Chale's writings and travel notes, as well as extensive further research.

Ms. Gilland earned her Ph.D in history at the University of California, Berkeley.

"... a scholarly analysis of Chale and her journey in the Andes."

James Judd  Project director

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